Kyoto University of Art and Design

- Waltz


2013 / Color / 31 min
Directors: Asano Maki, Yoshimura Aya

Three siblings—a younger brother looking for work, his aimless older brother, and a younger sister who carries chairs—encounter a series of quirky characters in their daily lives, leading to some curious experiences. The two parts of this omnibus were filmed from entirely different perspectives, with the only unifying theme being the appearance of the same three main characters.

- A Brief Slice of Time

(Sukoshi no aida)

2013 / Color / 8 min
Director: Sakanishi Miiku

Two kindergarteners, a boy and girl, run happily into a park. The boy enters a telephone box while the girl starts playing outside. This film is a moving and evocative depiction of their innocent actions during a short moment in time.

- mort

2013 / Color / 8 min
Director: Aoyama Risa

A solitary girl walking by a stream, the memories she holds of her mother, the contents of her room disappearing into the walls and floor—all of these images hint at the death of a certain young girl.

- The Door


2013 / Color / 12 min
Directors: Yoshida Mayu, Nozawa Akane

For a socially-withdrawn boy isolated in his room, the view from the peephole in his door is his only contact with the outside world. Will the actions of an Alzheimer-stricken old man and his granddaughter help him summon the courage to venture outside?

- A Boy and a Girl


2013 / Color / 12 min
Director: Fujii Kyohei

“Go to hell,” a girl tells a boy as she leaves him on a station platform. This playful and fast-paced youthful romantic comedy follows the desperate efforts of the boy to chase down the girl in the train and win back her love.

- Emi’s Personal God

(Emichan no kamisama)

2013 / Color / 30 min
Director: Nakamura Satoi

This documentary tells the story of Tsuu, the filmmaker’s grandmother, and Tsuu’s younger sister Emi, both of whom have fallen under the sway of a new religion. With a compassionate eye, the filmmaker depicts Tsuu’s relationship with her fellow religious group members, and the discord that erupts between her mother and grandmother.