University of Milan   Program 1

Maybe Things Will Change

Magari le cose cambiano

2009 / Italian / Color, B&W / 62 min
Director: Andrea Segre

Neda is 50 years old. She is originally from Rome but now she lives in the suburbs in a newly built residential area of Ponte di Nona. Sara is 18 and is one of the few girls who can attend the high school in Ponte di Nona. Through the conversations that Neda and Sara exchange, we get a glimpse into the boom in housing construction and its political implications.

- Good Buy Roma

2011 / Arabic, Spanish, Italian / Color, B&W / 50 min
Directors: Gaetano Crivaro, Margherita Pisano

For a long time following its closure, a building named Via de Porto Fluviale 12 had been neglected. After several renovations, in June 2003 roughly 100 families moved into the building, and within eight years fourty children were born there. This old barracks is now not only a home but has transformed into a small town.

University of Milan   Program 2

- My Marlboro City

2010 / Italian / Color / 50 min
Director: Valentina Pedicini

In the south of Italy, a city called Brindisi has for many years been associated with the illegal sale of tobacco. In hopes of finding out what was left in the past and what the future holds, the director returns to his hometown. In this film, four people from different generations speak about the true nature of the “Marlboro City.”

- Doble Forza

2008 / Spanish / Color / 30 min
Directors: Lorenzo Tripodi, Manuela Conti

In the suburbs of Havana in the 1970s, a city called Alamar was built by a construction team consisting of 32 people who used simple prefabricated technologies from the Soviet Union. Today, roughly 100,000 people inhabit Alamar. This film documents their daily lives spent in simply divided public spaces.

- Summer Flies Away

L’ estate vola

2000 / Italian / Color / 18 min
Director: Andrea Caccia

Milan, Summer. A gaze travels between the walls and the eyes of people who forget, unable to choose what to look at, unable to understand. A gaze that constantly shifts up and down, facing the walls of the world. And a gaze that survives.

- 42—Stories from a Building-World

42—storie da un edificio mondo

2009 / Italian / Color / 18 min
Directors: Francesca Cogni, Donatello De Mattia

42 is the diary of a well-known building in Milan, Viale Bligny 42. Here, we can listen to its hidden intimacy, to its rhythms of everyday life. The building is both house and town, normality and exception, simultaneously a catalyst of dreams and a source of nightmares.