Films about Yamagata
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  • Arise, Japan: Escape from Occupation
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  • Legendary Filmmakers of Yamagata: the Actress Yokoyama Rie
  • The Future of Yamagata and Film
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  • The Future of Yamagata and Film

    This program introduces the work of young filmmakers from Yamagata. The director of this film, which was also invited to the Vancouver International Film Festival, is a student at Tohoku University of Art & Design.

    Our Future

    (Bokura no mirai)

    - 2011 / Japanese / Color / Video / 75 min

    Director, Script, Photography, Editing: Iizuka Kasho
    Cast: Hyuga Riku

    A high-school girl struggles with gender identity disorder. Contrary to her female dress, she has sensed since childhood that she is male. However, as she contemplates her future, she begins to seize her own path. A coming-of-age film about struggling with the discrepancy between one’s heart and the perspectives of those around one.