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    En Feminin Dreng

    - DENMARK / 2008 / Danish, English, Portuguese / Color / Video / 80 min

    Director, Photography: Nanna Frank Møller
    Editing: Åsa Mossberg, Marlene Billie
    Sound: Niels Arild
    Producers: Mette Heide, Helle Faber
    Production Company: Bastard Film and Team Production
    Source: Danish Film Institute

    Hairon, a 14-year-old boy, is fascinated by women’s clothes. He wears high heels and make-up, and puts on fake nails. Living in a small Danish town with his Brazilian mother, his Danish stepfather, and four younger brothers, his dress is quite a challenge for everyone. Hairon looks forward to a trip to Brazil to see his biological father, Marchello. While in Brazil, he plans to prepare a costume for his upcoming fifteenth birthday party, where he will dress up as Cleopatra. But Marchello is not happy to see Hairon’s obsession with fashion and the way he looks. He shares with his son his own story of growing up confused about his sexuality. Screening supported by the Danish Film Institute.

    - Nanna Frank Møller

    Born in 1972 in Denmark, Møller graduated in editing from the National Film School of Denmark in 1999, and also trained at the London Film School in 1994. She has edited several films, mostly documentaries, including The Land of Human Beings—My Film about Greenland (2006), directed by Anne Regitze Wivel. Her directorial debut, Someone Like You (2007), won the grand prix for best Danish film at the Odense International Film Festival. Her next project is one of four films in Cities on Speed, carrying the title Shanghai.