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    Das Herz von Jenin

    - GERMANY / 2008 / Arabic, Hebrew, English / Color / Video / 89 min

    Directors, Script: Marcus Vetter, Lior Geller
    Photography: Nadav Hekselmann
    Editing: Saskia Metten
    Sound: Alfred Tesler
    Music: Erez Koskas
    Producer: Ernst Ludwig Ganzert
    Production Company: Eikon Sudwest
    Source: The 4th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival in Tokyo

    Ahmed Khatib, a Palestinian boy in the Jenin refugee camp, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers. His father Ismail decides to donate Ahmed's organs to six children so as to save their lives. This sparks a media frenzy, as some of the children are from Jewish settlers’ families. A year and a half later, the filmmakers take Ismail on a trip beyond the camp fence throughout Israel, to meet the children whose lives Ahmed’s organs saved. From the northern hills on the Lebanese border, past the contested holy city of Jerusalem, up to the edge of the Negev Desert in the south, Ismail meets the families, some who have overcome their prejudices, and others who still speak of the misfortune of having to live with the transplanted organ of an Arab. Screening supported by the Goethe Institute, Tokyo.

    - Marcus Vetter

    Born in 1967. Vetter’s studies took him to long stays in Buenos Aires and Madrid. He was selected for Discovery Campus Masterschool 2004, a European training program for international co-productions. Since 1994 he has been working as a TV editor, producer, and director at ARD/SWR, the southwest German affiliate of the national television network. His films have won numerous prizes. Filmography includes The Tunnel (1999); Traders’ Dreams—A journey into the ebay world (2007); and My Father the Turk (2006), about the director’s Turkish father.

    - Lior Geller

    Born in New Jersey, USA, Geller moved to Israel and studied in the film department at Tel Aviv University. His graduation short film Roads (2007) won 14 international awards and an Academy Award nomination. He is currently directing two projects for Israeli television and in development on a feature film.