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  • Letter from Rokkasho Village no. 1–no. 3

    (“Rokkasho-mura tsushin no. 1–no. 3”)

    - Japanese / Color / Video
    no. 1: 2004 / 51 min
    no. 2: 2005 / 58 min
    no. 3: 2005 / 57 min

    Director, Editing: Kamanaka Hitomi
    Photography: Ono Natsuro (no. 1-3), Matsui Takayuki (no. 1)
    Assistant Directors: Kanamori Shoko (no. 1), Kawaai Juka (no. 1-3)
    Producer: Koizumi Shukichi
    Production Company, World Sales: Group Gendai Films

    In Rokkasho Village there is a reprocessing plant for nuclear fuel. Villagers and supporters engaging in a grassroots campaign around the nuclear facilities, people associated with the atomic industry—each face reveals facts about Japan’s nuclear power plants and the Japanese people. The camera is in intimate contact with voices that go unheard in mainstream media.

    [Director’s Statement] With this Letter from Rokkasho Village, I attempt to show the process of filming as a video letter before the completion of my current film, Rokkasho Village Rhapsody. It contains thoughts of the villagers and facts about the atomic industry, which were locked up inside a black box. I feel the excitement of making a film without a script and not knowing where it will land.

    - Kamanaka Hitomi

    Born in Toyama Prefecture, Kamanaka Hitomi joined the National Film Board of Canada, and was later active in New York. After returning to Japan, she produced many documentary programs for television. Her 4th film Hibakusha—At the End of the World (2003) was screened at YIDFF 2003. She has captured attention as a flag-bearer for social documentary.