The 18th National Cultural Festival “YAMAGATA 2003” Documentary Festival
Program 2: Four Major Visual Creators Buck Up Yamagata!

Koguchi Utako: Visual Artist

-Born in Tokyo. Studied theater in the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences at Waseda University, and began making 8mm films. Has worked as a dance instructor, editor, film publicist, film crew member, and art school assistant, and develops visual art performances and sessions that transcend genres. Major works include The Rain (selected for the 1982 Pia FilmFestival), O-de-ka-ke Diary (Grand Prize at the 1989 Image ForumFestival), The Sleeping Flower (Special Jury Prize at the 1991 Image ForumFestival), and A Dandelion (Rosaceae) (1990 Ebiten golden director). Active in nurturing young talent as coordinator of arts events and workshops, and teaches at universities including Musashino Art University, Tama Art University, and at the Art and Architecture School of Waseda University.

Main work: Ophelia’s Favorite Books
<1st Night Read Yoshiya Nobuko. 2nd Night Read Ozaki Midori. 3rd Night Read Sayo Sakurako.>

- 1995 / Color / Video / 30 min*3 = 90 min

Photography: Shibazaki Kozo
8mm photography: Yamazaki Mikio
Animation: Shimizu Mari & Kimura Hideki
Music: Kim Taii, Dejima Tatsuya and others

The imaginary girl’s magazine Monthly Ophelia unveils the literary worlds of three female writers born in 1896. The Ophelia of legend who loses her life along the riverside is reborn and lives deep underwater. Reminisce about girlhood and lose your way in favorite books that transcend time.


Tsuchiya Yutaka: Visual Artist

-Born in 1966. Began professional work in 1990. Has independently distributed the uncopyrighted video Without Television since 1994. In 1998 began Video Act!, a project distributing independent video works. Activism focuses on expanding a network of media activists. Main works include What Do You Think about the War Responsibility of Emperor Hirohito? <Part Yasukuni, Aug. 15, 1996>, Ryoko 21 Years Old, and The New God.

- Main work: The New God

1999 / Color / Video / 99 min

This work documents communication between members of the nationalistic punk rock group the Revolutionary Truth and director Tsuchiya Yutaka. Describing the emotional lanscape of young people living at the end of the century, the film strongly impacted audiences at film festivals worldwide and had a record run in Japanese theaters. A must-see film in a time of so-called “petite nationalism.” The main character Amamiya Karin is now a popular writer.

- Most recent work: PEEP “TV” SHOW

2003 / Color / Video / About 98 min

Lolita-style goth chick and a guy obsessed with taking voyeristic snapshots go on a quest for the “real” in the aftermath of 9/11. Can we detect traces of their faint hopes?

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