FIPRESCI, the International Federation of Film Critics, has been in existence for more than sixty years. The basic purpose of the organization, which now has chapters in over sixty countries all over the world (including Japan: the Japan Film Pen Club), is to support cinema as an art and as an outstanding and autonomous means of expression. FIPRESCI also organizes conferences and seminars and is increasingly playing a part in a number of cultural activities designed to protect and encourage independent filmmaking and national cinema. The “Prize of the International Film Critics” (FIPRESCI Prize) is established at international film festivals and aims to promote film art and to particularly encourage a new and vital cinema.


Moriya Iwao

A member of the Japan Film Pen Club. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, where he majored in aesthetics. Editor of film and TV-related publications including Paul Rotha’s Documentary Film, translated by Atsugi Taka (published by Misuzu Shobo), and the first study of TV in Japan, Quarterly Journal of TV Study. Appointed chief editor of the art section for Shogakukan’s encyclopedia, covering film, drama, fine art and music. Worked there until retirement, and is now a freelance film/stage critic. Serves as jury member for Kinema Junpo’s list of top ten documentaries (“Bunka Eiga”) and secretary of the Japan Film Pen Club. Hometown is Nakayama in Yamagata Prefecture. Lived in Yamagata during and after the war, and graduated from the former Yamagata High School.

Anette Olsen

Freelance journalist based in Copenhagen. Writes for DOX Magazine and local film and video magazines. Has a master’s degree in film studies and scriptwriting from the universities of Copenhagen, Montpellier and Paris. Has previously worked for the European Documentary Network as the Amsterdam FORUM applications officer and as interim editor of DOX.

Stephen Teo

Born in Malaysia. Writer and critic currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Author of Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions (British Film Institute, 1997) and currently working on Wong Kar-wai, also to be published by the BFI. Writings appear regularly in the online journal Senses of Cinema and other well-known journals. Served as coordinator for the Asia Program at YIDFF ’89 and ’91.