New Asian Currents Invitation Films [IRAN]

Life beyond the Noise

Zendegi Ansouye Hayahou
- IRAN / 2000 / No dialogue / Color / Video / 13 min

Director: Abolfazl Sorushmehr
Script, Photography, Editing: M. Reza Teimouri
Sound: H. Reza Sabokdast
Music: Z. Sorushmehr
Production, Source: Iranian Young Cinema Society
Gandhi Ave. 19th st., No:20, P.O.Box 15175-163, Tehran IRAN
Phone: 98-21-8773114 Fax: 98-21-8795675
E-mail: iycsint@ecplaza.net

Shot from the subjective viewpoint of someone supposedly pushing a bicycle, we see various street scenes from the local bazaar. Goods on sale and people coming and going. Suddenly, there’s a street fight and images jump to new dimensions of fantasy. A fun film with effective use of sound.

[Director’s Statement] Sometimes, we unintentionally pass by the many things that face us in daily life. My film is about these subjects which sometimes seem to be very simple. By making this film, I tried to provide a different look to these people, their jobs, and their problems.


- Abolfazl Sorushmehr

Born in 1976 in Ghazvin, Iran. Participated in the film classes of Iranian Young Cinema Society since 1996. Has been active in the fields of scriptwriting, filmmaking, and sound recording. He has directed many short films in 8mm, 16mm, and Betacam formats.

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