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Presented by : BBC SCOTLAND
Presented by: BBC SCOTLAND
Executive Producer: John Archer
Production Company: Oshima Nagisa
Productions Producers: Motomochi Masayuki, Oshima Eiko
Director, Scriptwriter, Narrator: Oshima Nagisa
Photography: Yoshioka Yasuhiro
Lighting: Okamoto Ken'ichi Sound: Ando Kunio
Editing: Oshima Tomoyo
Music: Fukuhara Tsuneo, Yamaya Kiyoshi, Miki Minoru, M.Watanabe, S.Ono, Fukuhara Momonosuke
Appearances: Shimada Tomi, Funatsuki Ina, Yamamoto Hikohachi
1991 / Color / 16mm / 50 min

Oshima has not produced a fiction film since Max Mon Amour ("Makkusu mon amuru," 1986). And his film Hollywood Zen ("Hariuddo zen") with Sakamoto Ryuichi playing the role of the 1910s Japanese Hollywood star Hayakawa Sesshu, has remained in the planning stages for over ten years. In the meantime Oshima prepared a film for the BBC's Directors Place series in which directors from around the world shoot documentaries about a land they are deeply involved with. Oshima chose his hometown Kyoto and his mother as the subjects of this film. First old photographs of his mother appear on the screen, then follow interviews with her longtime friends that elucidate the lifestyle and conventions of the time in which she lived. A single woman, a stranger, who arrives in Kyoto "must obey those in power, look after the neighbors, avoid conflict, decorate beautifully, avoid starting fires, endure all sorts of trials." Kyoto is made complete, and Oshima's love-hate relationship with Japan's ancient capital emerges. Unlike his previous documentaries about politics and society, Kyoto, My Mother's Place is a very private film about Oshima's mother, the Kyoto where she grew up, and about Oshima himself.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee