Special Joint Screening with Santiago International Documentary Film Festival

As part of a friendly collaboration with the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival in Chile, the film Stealing Rodin, which won the Work-in-Progress award will be screened. The festival was co-founded in 1997 with filmmaker Patricio Guzmán, whose works works have been screened at YIDFF.

- Stealing Rodin

Robar a Rodin

CHILE / 2017 / Spanish, French / Color / Digital File / 80 min

Director: Cristóbal Valenzuela
Script: Cristóbal Valenzuela, María Luisa Furché, Sebastián Rioseco
Photography: David Bravo
Editing: Juan Eduardo Murillo
Producer: María Paz González
Production Company, Source: María una vez

During a Rodin exhibition at the National Fine Arts Museum of Santiago de Chile, the Torso of Adele is stolen, generating an uproar. The next day, it becomes apparent that an art student stole the sculpture as an “act of art.” With people flocking to the now empty display, the exhibition sets a record for the largest number of visitors to the museum. This on-the-fly art action of a decade ago is examined in the style of a detective story. Examines the absurdity of art in the past and today, in the contradictions between truly artistic action and the work artists actually do.

- Cristóbal Valenzuela

Born in 1982. A filmmaker specializing in editing. Director, writer and editor of short fiction and documentary films, including The First Wizards Were Parents (2006) and New Year (2011). A film and television scriptwriter and editor since 2008. Combines independent audiovisual projects with teaching about filmmaking. This is his first feature documentary.