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  • Following Suite Habana

    It has been nearly eight years since the 2003 Cuban release of Fernando Pérez’s Havana Suite, a film that drew much attention both in Cuba and internationally. While continuing to embrace the themes that flow through Havana Suite, namely “what are dreams?” and “living in the present,” a new generation of filmmakers are confronting Cuban reality from their own perspective, examining what has changed, what has not changed, and the shimmer of peoples’ hopes and dreams. Despite at times restrictive material conditions, these filmmakers continue to explore their means of expression. This exploration, which overlaps with the fundamental questions of filmmaking, provides a glimpse into the present and future Cuban cinema.

    -Sugar Curtain

    El telón de azúcar

    CUBA, SPAIN, FRANCE / 2006 / Spanish / Color / Video (Original: 35mm) / 80 min

    Director, Photography: Camila Guzmán Urzúa
    Editing: Claudio Martínez, Camila Guzmán Urzúa
    Music: Omar Sosa
    Producers: Nathalie Trafford, Camila Guzmán Urzúa

    The ideals and values of the generation born and raised during the so-called golden age of the Cuban Revolution, from the late 1970s through the 1980s, were crushed by the later collapse of the socialist system to the east and by social and economic paralysis in their own country. Having emigrated to Cuba from Chile with her parents as a child, the director as an adult interviews her former classmates and, through words that honestly and nostalgically recount their childhoods, brings to the fore sentiments and realities rooted deeply in her generation.

    -Looking for Havana

    Buscándote Havana

    CUBA / 2006 / Spanish / Color / Video / 21 min

    Director: Alina Rodríguez Abreu
    Photography: Ernesto Granados
    Editing: Abel Raymond, Sorokhtin
    Music: Moisés y Dayron
    Producer: Nomar González Pastrana

    Every year, Cubans from the eastern part of the island immigrate to Havana in search of a better life, defying state laws that restrict where people can live. This compelling documentary offers a revealing glimpse into their lives and struggles in their illegal settlements on the outskirts of the capital.


    CUBA / 2007 / Spanish / Color / Video / 13 min

    Director, Script, Photography: Alana Simoes
    Editing: Mariana Barioni
    Sound: Susana Barriga
    Producer: Julio Eroz Nieto
    Production Company, Source: EICTV

    A man whose life has been shaped by a fate full of contradictions and a series of disgraceful events now lives quietly with his lover, after having completed his sentence for a crime that any human being would commit in such circumstances. He speaks to the camera remorsefully of his past life.

    -Dual Me

    Yo dual

    CUBA, MEXICO / 2007 / Spanish / Color / Video / 15 min

    Director, Script: Alana Simoes
    Photography: Daniela Cajías
    Editing: Tainá Menezes
    Music: Ivara Peña
    Producer: Angel Álvarez
    Production Company, Source: EICTV

    This documentary on a Cuban artist deals with the duality of his/her personality, which reflects aspects of his/her country. This film won the Best International Documentary Award in the Student Category at the Cusco International Short Film Festival in Peru in 2008.

    -How to Build a Boat

    Cómo construir un barco

    CUBA / 2007 / Spanish / Color / Video / 13 min

    Director: Susana Barriga
    Photography: Daniela Cajías
    Editing: Mariana Barioni
    Producer: Héctor Sahagún
    Production Company, Source: EICTV

    A group of Cuban fishermen, lovers of the sea, are working in the Cuba-U.S. border zone (between Santa Cruz del Norte and Florida). There they are affected by political differences and the permanent illegal emigration. Nevertheless, they try to go on being fishermen in their country.

    -The Illusion

    CUBA / 2008 / Spanish / Color / Video / 24 min

    Director, Photography, Editing: Susana Barriga
    Script: Susana Barriga, Fabio Meira
    Sound: Nicolás Tsabertidis, Eduardo Cáceres, Rubén Valdés
    Producers: Susana Barriga, André Leao, Lloyd Peters, Catarina Da Via, Dave Rigby
    Production Company, Source: EICTV

    Susana tries to remember her father’s face. After 26 years imagining him, she followed him from Cuba to England and met him for the first time. Now all she has are a few hazy images recorded with her camera, together with the wish to repair the illusion that existed before she met him.  Her expectation and the deep compassion she feels for her father after their long separation are strongly etched in the film.

    -The Lonely Beds

    Las camas solas

    CUBA / 2006 / Spanish / Color / Video / 14 min

    Director, Script, Photography: Sandra Gómez
    Editing: Rolando Colla
    Music: Roberto Perdomo
    Producer: Elena Pedrazzoli
    Production Company, Source: Peacock Films

    As a big hurricane approaches, the tenants of an old apartment house in Havana must evacuate, dragging all their things with them, leaving their empty beds behind . . .

    -Today Is the Future

    El futuro es hoy

    CUBA, SWITZERLAND / 2009 / Spanish / Color / Video / 35 min

    Director, Script: Sandra Gómez
    Photography: Sandra Gómez, Adrián Melis
    Editing: Rolando Colla
    Producer: Elena Pedrazzoli
    Production Company, Source: Peacock Film

    Life in Havana, suspended in a state of waiting. Seven characters express their complementary yet contradictory ideas about Cuba’s future. Some would like things to carry on as they are, while others hope for change. The characters are all associated with the Malecón, Havana’s sea wall, where the city opens out to the horizon. The documentary was filmed between 2006 and 2008.


    CUBA / 2010 / Spanish / Color / Video / 14 min

    Director: Carlos Y. Rodríguez
    Producer: Pablo García
    Production Company: Televisión Serrana

    A young couple in eastern Cuba build their own bohío, a primitive hut made of sugar cane leaves and mud, and try to live in it with dignity.

    -Cuba Sentimental

    JAPAN / 2010 / Spanish, Japanese / Color / Video / 59 min

    Director, Photography, Editing, Source: Tanuma Sachiko
    Assistant Editor: Leonid López
    Supervisor: Ichioka Yasuko
    Music: Eduardo Martín

    Some friends whom Sachi (the director) had met in Cuba later realized their desire to leave the country. As a woman says in the film, “it is like we set fire to the boats we came on”: Cubans lose residency 11 months after leaving the country. What made them leave, then? Sachi visits her friends, who are now scattered separately in different countries, and records their confidences.