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  • Fernando Pérez

    - Fernando Pérez

    Please see his biography as juror for the International Competition

    For all the following films by Pérez, production company and source: ICAIC

    -4,000 Children

    4,000 niños

    CUBA / 1980 / Spanish / Color / Video (Original: 35mm) / 15 min

    Director: Fernando Pérez
    Photography: Roberto Fernández, Iván Nápoles, Rodolfo García
    Editing: Julia Yip
    Producer: Isolda Machín

    Aiming to perform mass games and dances at a big stadium on Children’s Day, the first of June, 4,000 school children rehearse once a week for four months. At first, they have a hard time learning simply to stand in a straight line . . . As the slogan says, “Children Are the Hope of the World.” Pérez masterfully captures the children’s bright, adorable faces in ICAIC’s Latin American Newsreel.


    CUBA / 1982 / Spanish / Color / Video (Original: 35mm) / 24 min

    Director, Script: Fernando Pérez
    Photography: Guillermo Centeno
    Editing: Mirita Lores
    Sound: Jerónimo Labrada, Emilio Ramos

    A documentary about Camilo Cienfuegos, one of the heroes of the Cuban Revolution (along with Fidel Castro and Ché Guevara), who became a chief commander of the revolutionary army and helped lead the agrarian reforms. Killed in an airplane accident in 1959, he acquired great prestige among the Cuban people. In the film, the process of his formation as a revolutionary is outstandingly portrayed through Camilo’s letters to his parents.


    CUBA / 1983 / Spanish / Color / Video (Original: 35mm) / 26 min

    Director, Script: Fernando Pérez
    Photography: Guillermo Centeno
    Editing: Roberto Bravo
    Sound: Germinal Hernández, Jerónimo Labrada

    A documentary on the personality and artistic trajectory of Cuba’s most popular singer and the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club, Omara Portuondo. Starting with a docudrama of her parents’ love and her birth in 1930, the film traces her brilliant career from her youth through the early 1980s. Not only is her singing outstanding, but her bright smiles are so charming one cannot take one’s eyes from the screen.