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    The works produced at the ICAIC in its infancy were highly resourceful and creative, but they were technically crude and in the end relied on improvisation. Such filmmakers as Theodor Christensen, Joris Ivens, Chris Marker, Roman Karmen, Agnès Varda, and Cesare Zavattini visited Cuba in 1960, some at the invitation of the newly founded ICAIC, and their help and guidance to young filmmakers served to pave the way for the subsequent success of the ICAIC. “Another Eye” presents a different aspect of Cuban cinema, from the viewpoint of foreign filmmakers who produced collaborations in Cuba.

    Hi There, Cubans

    Salut les cubains

    FRANCE, CUBA / 1963 / French / B&W / 35mm / 30 min

    Director, Photography: Agnès Varda
    Editing: Janine Verneau
    Voice-over: Michel Piccoli, Agnès Varda
    Production Company: Société Nouvelle Pathé Cinéma
    Source: ciné-tamaris

    Varda made a montage of 1,800 black-and-white still photos she took in Cuba during her visit in 1962. Depicting Cuban culture, fashion, and customs with humor, and also portraying the heroes, the history, and the miracles of the Cuban Revolution, the film conveys the excitement and hope of this young socialist nation. At the end it shows a joyous cha-cha-cha with Sara Gómez, who worked for Varda on this production.


    CUBA / 1964 / Spanish / B&W / Video (Original: 35mm) / 34 min

    Director, Script: Theodor Christensen
    Photography: Jorge Herrera
    Editing: Roberto Bravo
    Music: Ela O’Farrill
    Source: Danish Film Institute

    Danish filmmaker Theodor Christensen shows various aspects of the life of women in contemporary Cuba, including their incorporation into militias after the Cuban Revolution.

    -The Battle of Ten Million

    La bataille des dix millions

    BELGIUM, FRANCE, CUBA / 1970 / French / Color / Video (Original: 16mm) / 58 min

    Director, Script: Chris Marker, Valérie Mayoux
    Editing: Jacqueline Meppiel
    Music: Leo Brouwer
    Production Companies: K. G. Production, SLON, RTB, ICAIC
    Source: ISKRA

    - In 1970, announcing the plan to increase the annual production of sugar to ten million tons, Fidel Castro called for the entire nation to make the maximum effort to meet the goal and avoid the otherwise catastrophic decline of the Cuban economy. Despite the government’s extraordinary mobilization, the plan failed. On July 26 of the same year, the day of the victory of the Revolution, the leader makes a self-critical speech, which is captured in this film by Chris Marker, who in 1960 had made Cuba, Sí!, an enthusiastic appraisal of Castro.