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  • Meta Ekologi

    - INDONESIA / 1979 / No dialogue / B&W / 16mm / 15 min

    Director, Editing, Source: Gotot Prakosa
    Photography: Gotot Prakosa, Dudit Widodo
    Sound: Hartanto
    Music: Otto Sidharta
    Producers: Gotot Prakosa, Sardono W. Kusumo

    An experimental film, based on a performance choreographed by Sardono W. Kusumo, an attempt to enter into a dialogue with the ecology of earth and water. Dancers immerse themselves in a rice paddy and walk, tangle with each other, and wear the weight and texture of mud on their bodies. The expression of humanity through the sensations of the body is akin to the process of creating poetry. The film was screened in the YIDFF ’93 Asia Program.

    [Director’s Statement] For me film has to become a scientific discourse. But it should also be able to fight for an ideology that benefits human beings. My country faces the problem of land that has been dug for its coal, minerals, and oil, so that the land becomes bald and is destroyed. This has to be resisted. I can only scream, use my films to awaken and to give my voice expression. I might never be heard, but at least I have raised my voice to become part of the cultural history of humankind.

    - Gotot Prakosa

    Born in Padang, West Sumatra in 1955, Prakosa made his first film, a short experimental animation, in 1975. One of the leading experimental filmmakers in the history of Indonesia. He has continued to make shorts and features, producing more than 120 films to date. Five short films, including Genesis Genesis, were screened at YIDFF ’93. His most recent film is Kantata Takwa (2008), an experimental documentary feature that has won awards at a number of international film festivals.