Perfect Nine

Director: KANETAKA Kenji

1999 Japanese,English Subtitled in English Color Film 118 min

Production Company: Cinemabox, Tokyo Rockies Movie Production Office
Producer: KANETAKA Kenji
Photography: KOBAYASHI Yasushi
Editing: KANETAKA Kenji
Music: ALMA
Sound: KAMIYASU Yoshinori
  International Sales: Cinemabox, Tokyo Rockies Movie Production Office
5-3-3-51 Nukui Minamicho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo JAPAN
Phone: 81-42-385-2020
E-mail: cinema box@aol.com

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[Synopsis] There is some question as to whether the handicapped can play baseball or not. If each member were to overcome his or her handicap, could they form a team? The Tokyo Rockies are by no means a strong team. In fact, they are quite weak. The team is not even a complete one. And because it was formed amidst some doubt, it really wouldn’t be so strange if it were to disperse. However, even a team formed under such uncertain circumstances can be realized by determined people who love baseball. Without baseball, they would most likely return to being lonely people with handicaps. This is a baseball film, which draws particular attention to the handicapped sports loving members and which gives them the drive and courage to play.


Won the Mainichi Documentary Award for his 1992 film A Letter from Someone With the Same Name (16mm, Color, 48 min).