Artists in Wonderland

(“Mahiru no hoshi”)
Director: SATO Makoto

1998 Japanese Subtitled in English Color 35/16mm 93 min

Production Company: Siglo, Ltd.
Producer: YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro, SHO Koshiro
Photography: OTSU Koshiro
Editing: SATO Makoto
Music: INOUE Yosui
Sound: KUBOTA Yukio
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[Festivals and prizes] IDF Amsterdam ’98, Pusan ’98, Yamagata IDFF ’99

[Synopsis] Award-winning director’s film: Mentally challenged people who are artists, or artists who are disabled?
About seven artists with mental disabilities, reveals how appealing art can be born from unusual asocial values. Director Sato’s flexible style turns a difficult and serious theme into a genial and interesting piece. Focuses on three facilities for the mentally challenged, which encourage art production and workshops. Probes into the fundamentals, questioning what art is. A stimulating discourse for the filmmaker himself as well as the audience.

SATO Makoto

Born in Hirosaki city, Aomori in 1957. Assistant director for The Innocent Sea in 1981. Lived with his film crew for Living on the River Agano from 1988 until its completion in 1992, and this became his debut film as director. It won a number of awards around the world including the Prize for Excellence at YIDFF ’93. Works in numerous fields such as editing, TV production, and writing. Currently teaches documentary at several schools. Hanako is his newest documentary, finished in 2001. Published a two-volume book on documentary in 2001.

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