Ms. Ryan, an Ama Diver

(“Ama no ryansan”)
Director: HARAMURA Masaki

2004 Japanese Subtitled in - Color, B&W Video 90 min

Producer: MURAYAMA Hideyo   Contact Name: Sakura Motion Picture Co.
4F, Sendagaya Bldg, 4-20-1 Sendagaya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 151-0051 JAPAN
E-mail: mail@sakuraeiga.com
URL: www.sakuraeiga.com/ama.html

[Festivals and prizes] Seoul Indie Docu Festival

[Synopsis] This documentary highlights three years in the life of Ms. RYAN Eehon. She came to Japan after the Korean War from Cheju Island, South Korea and now lives alone in Osaka. She was born in 1916 and is 87 years old.
We started this project when we came across an old film from 38 years ago, made by Mr. SHIN Gis, a researcher of Japanese-Korean history. The film describes the life of an ama diver and how she sent her children to North Korea with the repatriation program. Combining the old footage with present day footage, this film was finally completed successfully with the help of a Japanese and Korean camera crew and a family member of Ms. Ryan.
The film describes the history of a Korean woman in Japan, her visit to homeland Cheju Island after a 53-year absence and her final visit to North Korea in 2003. It deals with the tragedy brought on by the conflict between the two nations and the significance of the family bond.


Born 1957. As a member of the exploration club at Sophia University, he first became involved in documentary in Indonesia and the Philippines. Joined Sakura Eigasha in 1984 and has directed many documentaries over the years, on themes such as environment, medical care, and the basic human rights of foreigners in Japan.