(“Tanpopo no saigetsu”)
Director: REN Shujian

2003 Chinese, Japanese Subtitled in English Color Video 60 min

Production Company: Japan Academy of Moving Images
Exective Producer: HARA Kazuo
Producer: MORIYAMA Kenichi
Photography: SHIROSAKA Yuichiro
Editing: SHIROSAKA Yuichiro, NONOKAWA Yoshiko
Sound: NONOKAWA Yoshiko
  International Sales: Japan Academy of Moving Images
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URL: www.eiga.ac.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata IDFF 2003

[Synopsis] A Chinese family from a poor rural village in Fujian Province continues to bring other family members to Japan via smuggling and bigamous marriages. Undeterred by the uncertainty of their status as illegal immigrants, they continue to send money to their extended family waiting back home. They experience sudden illness, arrests, and deception by Japanese. They manage to scrape by running a beauty parlor and an internet café, but language and visa problems make life difficult. At their ancestral home in China, their family waits for them with mixed feelings. The director, a student from China, offers us a glimpse of the unknown corners of the international city of Tokyo.

REN Shujian

Born in 1975 in Nanjing, China. Entered the literature department at Nanjing University in 1993, and won the university’s prize for literary fiction writing in 1997. Entered the Japan Academy of Moving Images in 2000, and won the school’s fourteenth annual Imamura Shohei prize. Now in his first term of a doctoral course in cinema at Nihon University College of Art.

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