Director: KOBAYASHI Takahiro

2001 Japanese Subtitled in English Color 16mm 59 min

Production Company: Japan Academy of Moving Images
Producer: YASUOKA Takaharu, HONGO Shuichi
Photography: KOBAYASHI Takahiro
Editing: HONGO Shuichi
  Contact: Japan Academy of Moving Images
1-16-30 Manpukuji, Asao-ku, Kawasaki 215-0009 JAPAN
Phone: 81-44-9512511
Fax: 81-44-9512681
E-mail: yasus@eiga.ac.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Hawaii 2002, Rotterdam 2003, Frankfurt Nippon Connection 2003

[Synopsis] A real-time document of the rising social-withdrawal phenomenon common among youth.
25-year-old Takahiro’s older brother has hidden himself up in his room for the past seven years. Obsessively hygienic, unable to step out of the house, and violent to family members, he has caused tension in the home and forced his father and brother to move out. The mother, afflicted with depression, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Takahiro returns home after five years determined to change the situation, using a video camera to start a genuine dialogue with the deadlocked family.


Born 1976 in Nagano. Entered Japan Academy of Moving Images in 1998. Studied documentary under Yasuoka Takaharu, producer of films like A and A2. Directed Tenohanashi in 1999, completed home as a graduation work in 2001.