Director: MORI Tatsuya

2001 Japanese Subtitled in English Color Video 131 min

Production Company: “A” Production Committee
Producer: YASUOKA Takaharu
Photography: MORI Tatsuya, YASUOKA Takaharu
Editing: MORI Tatsuya, YASUOKA Takaharu
Sound: MORI Tatsuya, YASUOKA Takaharu
  International Sales: Yasuoka Films
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Fax: 81-3-5799-9217
E-mail: yasus@netlaputa.ne.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata IDFF 2001 (Citizens’ Prize and Special Prize), Pusan 2001

[Synopsis] Sequel to A, the portrait of an Aum sect follower under attack, Part 2 sees the dawn of dialogue.
In the documentary A, Mori captured the dilemmas of the young deputy spokesperson of the Aum cult after leaders are arrested for the poison-gas terrorist attack in the Tokyo subway. In this sequel, Japan has gotten worst. The remaining cult members must deal with violent and absurd attacks from the media, police, ultra-nationalists, and local residents, their human rights endangered. Nationalism rises as the economy plunges and there are hysteric calls for legislature reminiscent of pre-war military Japan. Meanwhile, the camera discovers glimmers of a dialogue emerging between the “devil cult” members and “peace-loving” resident activists. Right-wing goons find their own alienation reflected in the Aum’s situation.

MORI Tatsuya

Born in 1956. Took part in filmmaking from the time he was a student at Tokyo’s Rikkyo University. Appeared as an actor in films by Kurosawa Kiyoshi and Ishii Sogo. In 1987 he began working for a television production company. Has worked on more than 40 TV documentary and news reports. Made programs on topics such as censorship in music, midget wrestling, and psychics, all from his own unique point of view. He is still continuing to film the Aum sect for his next project.

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