Contents #1–10

Documentary Box #10 (June 30, 1997) (SOLD OUT)

  1. The Spectacle of Reality and Documentary Film  Elizabeth Cowie
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #10: Kudo Mitsuru
  3. On Korean Documentary Film  Pok Hwan-mo

Documentary Box #9 (December 31, 1996) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Japanimation and Techno-Orientalism  Ueno Toshiya
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #9: Matsumoto Toshio
  3. How Do We Look in a Broken Mirror?: Polish Documentary of the 1990s  Wieslaw Godzic

Documentary Box #8 (October 3, 1995) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Toward a Reality of “Reference”: The Image and the Era of Virtual Reality  Kogawa Tetsuo
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #7: Tsuchimoto Noriaki
  3. Documentarists of Japan, #8: Tamura Masaki

Documentary Box #7 (July 31, 1995) (SOLD OUT)

  1. New Subjectivities: Documentary and Self-Representaiton in the Post-Verité Age  Michael Renov
  2. “Identity” in Taiwanese Documentary Film  Wang Mo-Lin
  3. Witness of Intermittent Time: Czech Documentary  Michal Bregant
  4. Cinema of Resistance: Recent Trends in Indian Documentary Film  Manjunath Pendakur

Documentary Box #6 (March 27, 1995) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Documentary and the Coming of Sound  Bill Nichols
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #6: Kamei Fumio
  3. Documentary Film in the “Creative Nation”: Australia in the 1990s  Peter Hughes
  4. Recent Documentary Filmmaking in Brazil  Anne-Marie Gill

Documentary Box #5 (October 15, 1994) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Questions Regarding the Genesis of Nonfiction Film  Komatsu Hiroshi
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #5: Prokino
  3. From Revolution to Revolution: The Documentary Movement in the Philippines  Nick Deocampo

Documentary Box #4 (October 5, 1993) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Diary Entries of a Never-Ending Docu (Seizing the Shots of Shooting)  Kidlat Tahimik
  2. Notes on the Native American Producers Alliance and the First Nations Film and Video World Alliance  Victor Masayesva, Jr.
  3. Documentarists of Japan, #4: Yanagisawa Hisao
  4. British Documentary  Michael Chanan

Documentary Box #3 (August 30, 1993) (SOLD OUT)

  1. A Foreign View of the Japanese Documentary Scene  Scott Sinkler
  2. The French Documentary Holds Its Own  Robert Bourelly
  3. Documentarists of Japan, #3: Hara Kazuo
  4. Recent Movements in the Korean Documentary Scene  Byun Young-joo

Documentary Box #2 (April 30, 1993) (SOLD OUT)

  1. Serge Daney and Yamagata  Jean Douchet
  2. Documentarists of Japan, #2: Suzuki Shiroyasu
  3. The Documentary Arena of Europe: A Brief Overview  Miriam van Lier
  4. Problems and Prospects of Short-length Film: A Bangladesh Overview  Dilder Hossain

Documentary Box #1 (September 29, 1992) (SOLD OUT)

  1. From 1991 to 1993—Exploring New Worlds at the Yamagata Documentary Film Festival  Yano Kazuyuki
  2. China: A Calling for Documentaries  Wu Wenguang
  3. Japanese Documentary Films of Recent Years  Watabe Minoru
  4. Documentarists of Japan, #1: Haneda Sumiko