October 9 (Sun)

Forum 5

IC International Competition
FL Film Letter to the Future
10:00-11:16 IC Her Name Was Europa
12:10-13:20 IC Before the Dying of the Light
14:15-15:49 FL Cow
+ Workshop
18:10-19:56 IC Nude at Heart
+ Talk
Forum 3

NAC New Asian Currents
FL Film Letter to the Future
10:30-12:07 NAC Beyond the Language
+ Talk
14:00-15:20 NAC Songs Still Sung: Voices from the Tsunami Shores
+ Talk
17:50-19:30 FL Young Solitude

will feature a talk session with guests after the program. (The screening times do not include talk session periods.)
Talk sessions are conducted in Japanese only, with no English simultaneous translation.