New Asian Currents Jurors

Yang Lina (CHINA)

Performed as a dancer and theater performer and went on to star in Jia Zhangke’s film Platform. Her film Old Men (1999) won YIDFF 1999’s New Asian Currents Award of Excellence. She has completed two of the films in her narrative film trilogy about women, with the film Longing for the Rain (2013) already screened at many international film festivals, such as the SKIP City International D Cinema Film Festival in Japan.

Old Men   Oct. 15 15:10 F5

Erikawa Ken (JAPAN / Editor)

In 1987–1999, worked on the editorial staff of a monthly film critic magazine Eiga shinbun. In 1989, he became the chief editor for the YIDFF Daily Bulletin (at both the first and second YIDFF). In 1997 he was involved in the foundation of Cine Nouveau, a community cinema. He works in the box office of Cine Nouveau once a week, in addition to his continuing work as a freelance editor.