- TAIWAN / 2017 / Taiwanese / Color, B&W / DCP / 25 min

Director, Script: Hsu Hui-ju
Photography, Producer: Chi Chun-ming
Editing: Chiang Wei-hwa
Source: Hsu Hui-ju

Three temporary workers enduring low-paying unstable jobs: a young man, a woman and a man who are old enough to be his parents, are up to something in the remains of an abandoned factory. They bring in a huge tree, they paint to cover up graffiti, they clean . . . They tell each other about their lives, and then rest, making a table around which they eat and drink alcohol, behaving oddly like a choreographed family. A week passes and the three leave. Rain drenches the deserted ruin. A new film from Hsu Hui-ju, winner of the 2003 YIDFF New Asian Currents Award of Excellence for her film Hard Good Life.

[Director’s Statement] We used a non-traditional documentary filming approach and hired three real-life temporary workers to play the role of temporary workers. The abandoned factory is their stage where they recreate a temporary home. They live at the edge of the real and virtual world, at the edge of family life and rootlessness.

Hsu Hui-ju

Sometimes filmmaker, most often mother of two children. Her films often explore the meaning of painful life experiences whether it is through the context of family or some specific field.