The Model

El modelo

- SPAIN / 2012 / Spanish / Color / Blu-ray / 45 min

Director, Editing: Germán Scelso
Appearance: Jordi Pasarin Berzal
Source: Germán Scelso

-A visual motif of Scelso’s The Model is the back of the Euro coin, which features Leonardo de Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the ultimate image of human perfection. Shooting the coin in extreme close-up, the director then presses it into the palm of a beggar’s hand. Such is the agreement behind this film. The director pays; the beggar performs. Refusing to reduce his handicapped subject to victim, Scelso interrogates the terms of documentary exchange.

- Germán Scelso

Born 1976 in Buenos Aires. Germán Scelso studied filmmaking at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. He has worked in non-fiction films production ever since. His films include El fin (1996), Formas de un mismo hombre (1997), Alicia Tiene un cuchillo (1999), Low film (2001), De ojos privada (2003), Cogombre (2006), Los inteligentes (2006), El engaño (2009), Un pensamiento de Laura (2009), Lágrima de María Luisa (2011), and La sensibilidad (2011). In 2004 he settled in Barcelona, Spain, and is currently shooting two films, one in Holland and another in Argentina.