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  • Pride in Blue

    (“Puraido in buru”)

    JAPAN / 2007 / Japanese / Color / Video / 83 min / Subtitled in English

    Director: Nakamura Kazuhiko
    Photography: Endo Kazuaki, Hirukawa Nobu, Tsukimura Kei, Nakamura Kazuhiko
    Editing: Yafune Yosuke, Fujikake Junko
    Music: HΛL
    Narrator: Terada Minori
    Producers: Suzuki Masanobu, Ota Hiroteru
    Executive Producers: Matsui Kenji (Bio-Tide), Nakano Rie (Pandora)
    Production Company: Bio-Tide & Associates
    Source: Pandora

    Here are the players who entered the INAS-FID Soccer World Championships for people with mental disabilities, held in Germany. We see their pride at representing their countries, joy at standing on the field, and frustration at losing, as well as the mutual respect among teammates. All of them hold on to their individual dreams, overflowing with the joy of living.

    [Director’s Statement] I had known a little bit about soccer, but absolutely nothing about mental disability, and I filmed this movie by feeling my way forward. I tried to make a film that would be engrossing to watch for people who are only interested in one subject or the other, and I will be content if you are touched by the pride of the players.

    Nakamura Kazuhiko

    Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1960. Bastoni: The Stick Handlers (2001), which he also directed, was an official entry in the Philadelphia Film Festival; other directorial work includes the soccer DVD series Road to Germany: 2006 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers.