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  • [JAPAN]

    Fragments of depopulation

    (“Kaso no danpen tachi”)

    - JAPAN / 2007 / Japanese / Color, B&W / Video / 10 min

    Directors: Kimura Takuro, Miyoshi Hiroaki
    Photography, Editing, Sound, Production Company: JS Factory
    Music: Fumiki Sano, Robo Kobo
    Source: JS Factory

    An old lady sings, beckoning to an island full of cats and elderly people that floats in blue monochrome light. The camera pursues fragments of a world that knows a comfortable feeling, like being at the bottom of a hollowed-out sea, even while capturing at a walking pace the sea shells that appear momentarily in the receding tide. The island is part of the workings of a nature that is carefully accumulated and reflected. The beautiful sea and a hint of breeze that strokes one’s skin intermingle with music that blends in with the landscape, foreboding an unraveling of the times.

    - [Director’s Statement]

    In making this film, we were blessed in three ways.

    The first in that we could happen upon this island, its people, and its cats.

    The second in how the process of creating the film made us grow.

    The third in that we were able to participate in this film festival.

    We hope that encountering this blessed film brings our audience at least the tiniest bit of luck.

    -Kimura Takuro
    Miyoshi Hiroaki

    Kimura and Miyoshi began amateur filmmaking in earnest as a pair in August 2006, under the name JS Factory. Taking advantage of the nature of working as a team, they persevere in creating genre-defying films that require nimble footwork. Their earlier work What Is Communication? received second prize at the 4th NHK Minimini Eizo Taisho Festival.