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    Att Flytta vuxna Katter

    - SWEDEN / 2004 / Swedish / Color / Video / 58 min

    Director, Photography, Editing: Johan Lundborg
    Producer: Anita Oxburgh
    Production Company, Source: Migma Film AB

    The camera nestles into the lives of two elderly individuals living alone in a rural town in Sweden where a traveling sales truck visits once a week. 90-year-old Greta has decided to move into a nursing home as her final abode. Meanwhile, 79-year-old Albert continues to live in a dilapidated house surrounded by weeds with his three cats. As these two seniors look at their lives, their feelings sway subtly toward the natural choice they must make in order to stay true to themselves. The director observes their lives with great interest as he delicately unfolds the universal issues of old age.

    -[Director’s Statement] This film addresses a universal and inevitable question that we all must ask ourselves sooner or later, regardless of status or background. This question unites Albert and Greta as fellow human beings.

    - Johan Lundborg

    Born 1977 in Gothenburg, Johan Lundborg was raised in the village of Björnstorp in southern Sweden. He graduated from the degree course in film directing at the School of Photography and Film at Gothenburg University in 2003 and studied at FAMU in Prague. Works include Home Sweet Home (2000), The Movement of Sigge Nilsson (2001), Isolated (2001) and The Proud Matador (2002).