Other Screenings

2014-06-19 | Ogawa Productions Retrospective

June 21 (Sat) –July 11 (Fri)
Summer in Narita, Pre-Partisan, Winter in Narita, Three Day War in Narita, Narita: Peasants of the Second Fortress, Narita: The Building of the Iwayama Tower, Narita: Heta Village, A Song of the Bottom, Interview at Clean Center, Narita:The Sky of May, Magino Story—Raising Silkworms, Magino Story—Pass, A Japanese Village—Furuyashikimura, Magino Village—A Tale, Sennen-Theater, A Movie Capital
Unofficial Screening:
Sea of Youth, The Oppressed Students, A Report from Haneda, A Visit to Ogawa Productions, Devotion, A Movie Capital Again

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Eurospace (Tokyo, Shibuya-ku)
Adults: 1,600 yen, college students: 1,200 yen, members and seniors: 1,000 yen, high school students: 800 yen, under 15 years old: 500 yen
Three programs: 3,600 yen
phone: 03-3461-0211 (Eurospace)

For more information Pandora website: Ogawa Productions Retrospective (in Japanese)
Eurospace website: Ogawa Productions Retrospective (in Japanese)


2014-06-19 | Special Screenings: Documentaries “Living in the Present”

June 14 (Sat)–20 (Fri)
Tale of a Butcher Shop
Dir: Hanabusa Aya / JAPAN / 2013 / 108 min / YIDFF 2013 Perspectives Japan

June 21 (Sat)–27 (Fri)
Yume wa dobutsu no oishasan (“I have a dream of becoming a vet for cattle”)
Dir: Tokita Yoshiaki / JAPAN / 2014 / Video / 86 min

June 28 (Sat)–July 4 (Fri)
Kazu-chan to ore (“Kazu and me”)
Dir: Cho Kyungsoo / JAPAN / 2013 / Video / 75 min

Forum Yamagata
Advanced ticket: 1,000 yen per one screening
phone: 023-632-3220 (Forum Yamagata)