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2014-03-19 | Toden terebi kaigi 49 jikan no kiroku Screening in Yamagata

Screening of Toden terabi kaigi 49 jikan no kiroku (TEPCO TV Conference: Record of 49 Hours after the Explosion of Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant) is scheduled in Forum Yamagata with attendance of Shiraishi Hajime from OurPlanet-TV and Asahi Shimbun reporter Kimura Hideaki.

Toden terebi kaigi 49 jikan no kiroku
Prod: OurPlanet-TV / JAPAN / 2013 / 206 min

208 min version edited by OurPlanet-TV from about 10 hours open archival footages of TEPCO TV conferences joined by TEPCO headquarters, Fukushima No.1 NPP, No.2 NPP, Kashiwazaki-Kariba NPP and Offsite Center on March 12–15, 2011. (No English subtitles)

April 12 (Sat)
17:00–18:47 1st section (107 min)
18:47–19:05 Break (18 min)
19:05–20:44 2nd section (99 min)
20:44–21:45 Talk session (1 hour)

April 13 (Sun)
10:00–11:47 1st section (107 min)
11:47–12:05 Break (18 min)
12:05–13:44 2nd section (99 min)
13:45–14:45 Talk session (1 hour)

* Talk session will be held in Japanese.

Forum Yamagata
1,000 yen

For more information Toden terebi kaigi 49 jikan no kiroku website (in Japanese)