Komsomol(Song of Heroes)
Pesn o gerojach (Komsomol)

1933 / Russia / sound / B&W / 50 min / 35mm

Director, Editor: Joris Ivens
Script: Josif Skljoet
Camera: Alexander Sjelenkov
Music: Hanns Eisler
Production company: Mesjrabpom film

This documentary is dedicated to the young communists of Western Europe. It shows the construction of a blast furnace in Magnitogorsk in the Ural Mountains. The young workers of the Komsomol organization take responsibility for developing their country, the USSR, as a part of the First Five-Year Plan. The film shows hard work on construction, mining, and the transportation of coal, and includes a short animated sequence meant to provide the viewer with a glimpse of the future. The film's opening sequence, a montage, gives the film a propagandistic feel. After this introduction the powerful images and editing, combined with the soundtrack featuring music by Hanns Eisler, result in a truly lyrical ode to the young socialist workers and their labor.



COPYRIGHT:Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee