Film Letter to the Future

Co-organized by Yamagata University Institute for Visual Arts and Science
Supported by Lussas International Documentary Film Festival, Documentaire sur grand écran
In collaboration with Institut français du Japon

Listening to the Voices that Emerge through Films

Watching a film is an experience like no other—it allows us to encounter existences beyond our own, be amazed, and sympathize with them. In addition to the Docu-Yama Youth activities organized by a team of high school students, YIDFF hosts a screening program called “Film Letter to the Future” designed for young viewers who may not be accustomed to watching documentary films. This year’s festival includes screenings of short films by Dutch filmmaker Johan van der Keuken (1938–2001), and his documenting of children’s radiant embrace of life in an unfree world. A screening workshop for high school, college, and technical school students will also take place (free, registration required). YIDFF welcomes Christophe Postic of the Lussas International Documentary Film Festival and filmmaker Nishino Madoka as workshop facilitators. YIDFF and the Lussas International Documentary Film Festival were both established in 1989 as film festivals rooted in regional communities. Both have also sought to bring together people from around the world through documentary and to foster new ideas and new work through discussion—in the hope that the voices that emerge through films and the responses to them will be heard clearly sometime, somewhere, by someone.

Tsuchida Tamaki
Program Coordinator