Other Screenings

YIDFF 2021: Special Invitation Film

- Wuhan, I Am Here
CHINA / 2021 / 153 min
Director: Lan Bo

A film crew that had traveled to Wuhan to make a fiction film is confronted with a sudden lockdown and decides to go film in the streets. They race through the city, joining forces with volunteers who are offering free resources collected through the internet to the elderly and the homeless.

Oct. 10 16:00 Forum 5

YIDFF 2021: Yamagata and Film

- Pickles and Komian Club
JAPAN / 2021 / 105 min
Director: Sato Koichi
Produced by the Komian Production Committee

Questions and heartbreak emerge from the closing of long-established pickled foods store, Maruhachi Yatarazuke, whose 135-year operation was brought to an abrupt end during the pandemic. The film follows the store owner, forced to make a difficult decision, and those who freely gathered at the store and supported the space. *No English subtitles

Oct. 7 16:30 Forum 5

YIDFF 2021: Film Letter to the Future and related film

- Young Solitude
FRANCE / 2018 / 100 min
Director: Claire Simon

Teenagers attending Romain Rolland high school in Ivry-sur-Seine in the Paris suburbs, interviewed in pairs and small groups, describe their home environments and their relationships with their parents, their first loves and their dreams for the future. We witness their feelings of isolation, and then their experience of being able to share their situations with others. The camera draws out their feelings, their insecurities and aspirations, their sadness and passion. Originally, the idea was to make a short film with high school students in a workshop format, but Claire Simon changed plans along the way and a feature documentary resulted. “There are both good and bad things about being alone. We search, and we discuss.” (Claire Simon)

Oct. 9 17:50 Forum 3

- Cow
UK / 2021 / 94 min
Director: Andrea Arnold

Oct. 9 14:15 Forum 5