Visual Anthropology Today

With ethnology and anthropology as its cornerstone, Visual Anthropology seeks new techniques of representation and new fields of study by combining scholarly research and the arts. In recent years, film festivals influenced by visual anthropology have taken place in various parts of the world and garnered interest in and out of academia. Featuring various films by visual anthropologists working around the world, this project aims to introduce their creative experiments, which include narratives that arise out of dialogue between photographer and subject, records and portrayals of hunting and gathering lifestyles, and the expression and sensibility of voice.

- Room 11, Ethiopia Hotel

JAPAN / 2006 / Amharic / Color / Blu-ray / 23 min
Director: Kawase Itsushi


- jo joko

JAPAN / 2012 / Bakha / Color / Blu-ray / 61 min
Director: Bundo Daisuke


- Creation and Chanting of Lik Yaat

(Kokoro o kakeru kotoba)

JAPAN / 2011 / Dehong Tai (Shan) / Color / Blu-ray / 30 min
Director: Ito Satoru