One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich

Une journée d’Andrei Arsenevitch

- FRANCE / 1999 / English, Russian / Color / Video / 55 min

Director, Photography, Script, Editing: Chris Marker
Photography: Marc-André Batigne, Pierre Camus
Narration: Marina Vlady
Producer: Elisabeth Gérard
Production Companies: AMIP, La Sept / ARTE, INA, Arkeion Films
Source: Institut français

A documentary on Andrei Arsenevich Tarkovsky produced as part of the collaborative series “Cinéastes of Our Time” with André S. Labarthe and Janine Bazin. This intimate portrait reveals the warm relationship of trust Tarkovsky and Marker shared.



- FRANCE / 1999 / French / Color / Video / 8 min

Director: Chris Marker
Source: Les Films du Jeudi

A short film showing people in Paris who have gathered to watch a solar eclipse. A merry scene in which both young and old wear solar eclipse glasses is expressed humorously and poetically.



A Mayor in Kosovo

Un maire au Kosovo

- FRANCE / 2000 / French / Color / Video / 27 min

Directors: Chris Marker, François Crémieux
Source: K.G. Productions

In 1999, Marker joined François Crémieux, who appears in Blue Helmet, to interview the mayor of Mitrovica, Bajram Rexhepi (who later would become the Prime Minister of Kosovo). Mitrovica was a bitter warzone, with ongoing ethnic conflict and slaughter between Albanians and Serbians. Rexhepi worked on the battlefield as a doctor, and tells the story about how he later became mayor.


Remembrance of Things to Come

Le souvenir d’un avenir

- FRANCE / 2001 / French / Color / Video / 42 min

Directors: Yannick Bellon, Chris Marker
Photograph: Denise Bellon
Narration: Pierre Arditi
Producer: Eric Le Roy
Production Companies: Les Films de l’équinoxe, ARTE
Source: Les Films de l’équinoxe

-An homage to Denise Bellon, an active photographer in the 1930s, made collaboratively with Denise’s daughter Yannick Bellon. Sharing a deep connection with surrealism, Bellon’s photographs are depicted as foreseeing the future while displaying the past.