Workshops to Date

YIDFF is involved in a variety of film-education programs for young audiences, including outdoor screenings and hand-drawn film events, screenings and film-related talks for children, and stop-motion animation workshops, primarily aimed at schoolchildren but to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Last year, we began the Family Film and Animation Wonderland, a series of screenings of quality animated films from around the world and stop-motion animation workshops.


Play with Film: Next Generation Workshop
Animation artist Aihara Nobuhiro taught a three-day workshop that included phenakistoscopes, live animation, relay animation, and clay animation. Twenty-one minutes of animated films were produced.


Stop-Motion Live Animation
A tie-up with the World Cultural Festival organized by the Japan International Volunteer Center. The six minutes of animated film produced at the workshop were used in the YIDFF 2007 film trailer.


Stop-Motion Live Animation
Held in conjunction with the World Cultural Festival. Four minutes of stop-motion animated film were produced.


Hand-Drawn Film Workshop
A workshop held in the town of Kawanishi and the cities of Tendo and Tsuruoka in Yamagata Prefecture. The workshop featured the hand drawing of illustrations on 72 frames (three seconds) of 16mm film. A total of ten minutes of work was produced. Screenings of 16mm animated films were also held.


Children’s Film Class
Held in collaboration with the Yamagata Convention Bureau at Yamagata Documentary Film Library. Participants split up into Apple, Mandarin Orange, and Banana teams and produced eight minutes of fruit-themed stop-motion animated films.

Family Film and Animation Wonderland: Clink Clank! Kids Transforming
With 100 drawings by Abe Yoko projected as a background, children struck various poses. Three minutes of stop-motion animated film were produced.

Let’s Make a Film!
Two minutes of stop-motion animated film were produced.

Hand-drawn 35mm Film
Hand-drawn illustrations on 35mm film. Two minutes of film were produced.

Osone Public Hall Film Workshop
Two minutes of stop-motion animated film were produced.

The Dance of Everyday Goods
Four teams produced a total of four minutes of stop-motion animated film, on the theme of “The Dance of Everyday Goods.”

Children’s Film Class
With the assistance of Professor Kato Itaru and students from Tohoku University of Art & Design, animations were produced using the afterglow of electric lights. Constellations and Eight Gods and The Traveling Glasses Constellation, a total of three minutes, were produced.


The World of Russian Animation
Film critic Murayama Kyoichiro presented Russian animation films for children.

Katsuben! Cinema Live Show!
Children wrote commentary for the documentary images of Yamagata Festival 1955–56 and performed a live recital (katsuben).

Watanoha Smile: Stop-Motion Animation
Together with children from the Watanoha Smile kids’ room at the Watanoha Elementary School, an earthquake shelter in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, two minutes of three-dimensional animated films were produced: Princess Perori and the Glorious Servant: A Tale of Love and Courage!! and Hero!

Minato Elementary School Animation
Together with children who took shelter after the earthquake at Minato Elementary School in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, a one-minute animated film was produced. It has been used as YIDFF’s trailer for film screenings at shelters in the earthquake zone.