Family Film and Animation Wonderland 2011

“The YIDFF the whole family can enjoy!” This series of one-hour programs offers exposure to film through workshops and screenings of short animated films. Films by students at Tohoku University of Art & Design will be shown, along with the stop-motion animated films that the festival has produced with children over the years. On October 9, children will take up video cameras and record the festival in a documentary workshop. On October 10, together with people who have helped keep the children of Tohoku active and smiling, we’ll discuss the current status of the children in the region and have a symposium on what film can contribute in times like these.

Welcome to the Wonderland of Film!

The workshop will feature the making of animated films using torn and cut colored paper.
Film screening: The Various Forms of Animation
Sanzan directed by Araya Keishiro
fancy works directed by Kashiwagura Risa
little sea parade directed by Kashiwagura Risa
KokoOto directed by Norita Tomoko
Land of Dinosaur directed by Shirato Kizuku
Coo’s Seashells directed by Sato Kanako
Yamagata Stop-Motion Theater and more

Deep and Fun, The World of Animation

The workshop will explore flipbook animation using two colored pens.
Screening: The Pleasure of Movement
Muchu directed by Funayama Hiroko
Chicken and Egg directed by Matsumoto Yuri
Fantastic Crystal Ball directed by Shirato Kizuna
Ai no Katamari directed by B ONI
Yamagata Stop-Motion Theater and more

Kids’ Film Chronicle

Kids will take video cameras and film around festival venues, to create the film Travel the World at YIDFF: Find a Director! The film they make will be screened on October 10 in the Kids’ Films program (see below).

Kids’ Films

Screening of Travel the World at YIDFF: Find a Director! (by the participants in the October 9 workshop) and Bonds (filmed in Shonai Eigamura, October 8–10, by children from Minani-Sanriku).

Exhibition: Watanoha Smile

October 7 (Fri.) to October 10 (Mon.), Yamagata Museum of Art, 3rd floor
Sculptures made by children in the earthquake disaster zone.

The NPO Smile Hope set up a playroom in a classroom at the Watanoha Elementary School in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, which became a shelter for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Volunteers staffed the site.

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