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  • Ushiyama Junichi
  • Kimura Hidefumi
  • Hagimoto Haruhiko, Muraki Yoshihiko
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  • Kudo Toshiki

    Following pioneers such as Yoshida Naoya and Ogura Ichiro, producers of NHK’s series Nihon no sugao (The True Face of Japan), Kudo Toshiki entered TV as part of the second generation. He produced 26 documentary programs in just eight years as a director, including the series Aru jinsei (A Life). Thanks in part to his work with recorded sound in radio programs, the montage of images and sound in his television programs is extraordinarily meticulous, notably in his elegant use of narration.

    All the following programs are directed by Kudo Toshiki. Production Company: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

    The Fish Manager

    (Medaka kacho)

    JAPAN / 1966 / Japanese / B&W / Video / 30 min

    Photography: Masuko Hiroshi
    Editing: Suzuki Ryoko
    Sound: Kato Yasuichi
    Narration: Aoki Takashi

    Section chief Yamada at the Water Quality Bureau of the Tokyo metropolitan government. In the era after the Tokyo Olympics, this documentary shows the chief fighting against river pollution.

    A Homecoming

    (Aru kikyo)

    JAPAN / 1968 / Japanese / B&W / Video / 40 min

    Photography: Katsuragi Tetsuro
    Editing: Suzuki Ryoko
    Sound: Tamatsukuri Jinichi
    Narration: Nakanishi Ryo

    A man who was supposed to have died in the war was confirmed alive in Okinawa after 20 years. This documentary follows his eventful life.

    An Abandoned Ship


    JAPAN / 1969 / Japanese / B&W / Video / 80 min

    Photography: Katsuragi Tetsuro
    Editing: Kudo Toshiki, Katsuragi Teturo
    Sound: Tamatsukuri Jinichi, Kuriyama Chuzo
    Narration: Nakanishi Ryo

    A fishing boat abandoned in Yumenoshima was revealed to be the Daigo Fukuryu-maru (Lucky Dragon 5). This documentary follows the boat’s destiny and that of its crew.

    Tomigaya National Elementary School

    (Tomigaya Kokumin Gakko)

    JAPAN / 1969 / Japanese / B&W / Video / 60 min

    Photography: Takahashi Kiyoshi
    Sound: Kuriyama Chuzo

    In 1967, 16mm footage showing children evacuated in wartime was discovered in the storage space of a school. The evacuation era and 1967 Tomigaya are mixed together in this documentary.