Director: SONO Shion

1999 Japanese Subtitled in - Color 16mm 108min

Production Company: Aichi Arts Center
Producer: ECHIGOYA Takashi
Photography: KOSAKAI Toru, SUGIYAMA Masahiro, etc.
Editing: SONO Shion
  International Sales: Aichi Arts Center
1-13-2 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, 461-8525 JAPAN
Phone: 81-52-971-5511
Fax: 81-52-971-5644

[Festivals and prizes]

[Synopsis] Documentary footage of three artists furiously in creation, with a comic love story weaving through.
Butoh master Maro Akaji and his group Dairakudakan in rehearsal, charismatic photographer Araki Nobuyoshi at work with a group of nude female models, world renowned fashion designer Arakawa Shinichiro preparing for the Paris collection... Meanwhile, Sono Shion starts filming a comedy about a girl (in high school uniform) who falls madly in love with a restaurant cook she’s never talked to. Adrenaline and feet running, running, and running through Tokyo, the film and story’s manic pace leaves the viewer breathless. Produced by Aichi Arts Centre as the 1999 addition to an on-going film series about The Body.

SONO Shion

Celebrated poet from the age of 17. His 8mm films I am Sono Shion! (1985) and A Man’s Hanamichi (1987) are awarded at Pia Film Festival. His 1990 film Bicycle Sighs records a box office success in Japan, and is later followed by The Room (1994) and Keiko desu kedo (1997). Meanwhile, he starts a poetry reading / street performance movement called Tokyo Gagaga with his fans and followers. His 0cm4 (1999/starring Nagase Masatoshi), premiered at a Paris fashion show to much acclaim. His newest film is Suicide Club, a horror film, shown at the Fantastic Film Festival in Tokyo 2001.