Inside Mind

(“Kokoro no naka”)
Director: OKI Hiroyuki

1999 Japanese Subtitled in English Color 16mm 89 min

Production Company: Rikako Company
Producer: UCHIHARA Rie
Photography: OKI Hiroyuki
Editing: AOKI Hirofumi
Music: Richie Beirach, Mal Waldron
  International Sales: S.I.G. inc.
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Fax: 81-3-3373-2135
E-mail: sig@sig-inc.co.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Vancouver ’98, Sundance ’99, Yamagata IDFF ’99

[Synopsis] An imaginative film VJ-ing with mixed media to tell a simple gay love story.
Two youths, sleeping side by side on the beach in Kochi, in the middle of summer.The tide comes in along with the setting sun. Before long, the two men become separated by the waves. The camera follows the two on the beach, a scene which becomes the basis of the film. These images overlap with the story of their love which is shot in Kochi, Hokkaido, Nagano, and all of Japan. The scenery, the images and Oki’s private films—these three levels then merge together and create a beautiful and poetic world. The linking of these dazzling images is what Inside Mind and filmmaking are all about.

OKI Hiroyuki

Born in Tokyo in 1964. Graduated from Tokyo University in architecture. Moved to Kochi in 1991. Swimming Prohibited (1989) won the jury’s special prize at Image Forum Festival 1990. Tarch Trip (1993), I Like You, I Like You Very Much (1994) Heaven-6-Box (1996) and 3+1 (1997) are some of his films invited to international film festivals. From the artful to the pornographic, he has produced original images with exceptional individuality.