Ekiben—Box Lunch

Director: KAJI Shungo

1999 Japanese Subtitled in English B&W 35mm 110 min

Production Company: Hot Pictures Co.
Producer: KAJI Shungo
Photography: ISHII Hirokazu
Editing: KANEKO Naoki
Music: Malcolm ARNOLD (last song)
Sound: NISHIOKA Masami
  International Sales: Hot Entertainment Co., Inc.
1-56-6 Raku Bldg, 3F Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0073 JAPAN
Phone: 81-3-5358-7041
Fax: 81-3-3299-5042
E-mail: director@kaji.word.net

[Festivals and prizes] NAT Film Festival (Copenhagen) 2000

[Synopsis] A mock documentary about a porn director and his star, the making of tears and semen.
Kaji is a director of over 1000 porn videos. While dreaming of becoming a feature film director someday, he sinks deeper into the tepid morass that is the Japanese porn industry. One day, he auditions an porn movie starlet named Saki who confesses to dreams of the big screen. Kaji senses a kindred spirit in his newfound star, but as a result becomes exceedingly demanding of her performance. Saki endures repeated humiliations by Kaji, who uses her as an outlet to vent his own frustration. Bit by bit, however, they begin to gel. Saki lands a role in a movie. Kaji regains a semblance of joy in his work and discovers new inspiration.

KAJI Shungo

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