The Apprentice

Director: MANABE Kaori

1999 Japanese Subtitled in English Color Orig. 8mm 80 min

Production Company:
Producer: MANABE Kaori
Photography: MANABE Kaori
Editing: MANABE Kaori
Sound: MANABE Kaori
  International Sales: MANABE Kaori
3-6-4-202 Ichikawaminami, Ichikawa, Chiba, 272-0033 JAPAN
Phone: 81-70-5390-0275
Fax: 81-3-3266-9700

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata IDFF ’99

[Synopsis] A student’s first lessons in documentary include the dilemmas of invading privacy and making a film.
A young film student becomes interested in an old man fishing in a pond—a sight she has seen again and again from the window of a train. As she prepares to ask him if she could film his story, she must confront her own feelings and face the dangers of stepping into a stranger’s private world. A strangely comforting and sincere film about a sometimes heated and sometimes father-daughter like communication between a “nine-month-old” 8mm filmmaker and a fifty-year-old self-acclaimed artist.


Class of 1999 at the Image Forum Institute of Moving Image. No prior experience with films before studying at Image Forum. This is a graduation film.