Song for Flower

(“Kokoro no uta”)
Director: UTAGAWA Keiko

1998 Japanese Subtitled in English Color Video 50 min

Production Company:
Producer: UTAGAWA Keiko
Photography: UTAGAWA Keiko
Editing: UTAGAWA Keiko
Sound: UTAGAWA Keiko
  International Sales: UTAGAWA Keiko
E-mail: uta@tk.airnet.ne.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Image Forum Festival ’98

[Synopsis] A warm and touching personal docu by a young award-winning director.
A record of a filmmaker’s intimate relationships, as recorded by the videocamera. Grandma lies ill, and her children (the director’s uncle and mother) look after her. Grandpa waits at home, his love for Grandma unchanging. I, the director, go on living, unable to do anything except check small changes which occur day by day. But sometimes, I feel I want to speak to her. I use the camera to record and remember places and events—I film what makes me feel warm inside, but I am incapable of showing my love. As a daughter, a grandchild, friend and lover, what in the world can I do for the ones I love? My thoughts just keep going round and round.


Born 1971 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in film in 1995. Films include Water in My Ears and Super Lover (Both 1994) and A Hundred Sweethearts (1997). Has recently been working in television and fiction.