Street Children as Film Stars

(“Eiga ni deta street children”)
Director: SHINDO Asako

1997 Japanese, Indonesian Subtitled in English Color Video 48 min

Production Company: SHINDO Asako
Producer: MIKI Hiroshi
Photography: AKIBA Seiko
Editing: SHINJO Kinichi
Music: TAKASAKI Masahiro
  International Sales: Group Gendai Films Co., Ltd
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URL: www.g-gendai.co.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Tokyo ’98, Singapore ’99, ATP (Association of TV program producers) Newcomer’s Award ’98

[Synopsis] Tough but attractive Indonesian streetkids are selected to act in a feature film.
Teenagers Heru, Sugeng, and Kanchil are kids living on the streets of Yogyakarta, an old city of Indonesia. Wearing torn jeans and safety pins piercing their ears, they drink, smoke, do drugs, and fool around with girls. They also fend for themselves by shining shoes and singing on the streets. Though they have no parents and no schooling, they are street-wise kids living autoomous lifestyles of freedom and responsibility. Garin Nugroho, a famous filmmaker, decides to cast them for his new feature film, Leaf on a Pillow. They are to play themselves. We see them on the shoot with top actress Christine Hakim, as they try to find their way in a completely new world.


Born in Aichi in 1965. After university and a stint promoting films, she moved to London to study at the London International Film School. Gideon’s Afternoon, a short student project, won the Grand Prix for Short Films at Amiens International Film Festival. After her return to Japan, she worked for film festivals organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center while writing about film and directing independent films. This documentary was produced for a Fuji TV documentary strand.