Director: KANAMORI Taro a.k.a. KIM Seung-yong

2005 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video 105 min

Editing, Narrative Structure: KAJI Makoto
Music: OKUBO Tomoyuki
Production Company: Ragos
  Contact Name: Ragos
E-mail: info@ragos.com
URI: ragos.com

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata IDFF 2005

[Synopsis] Tibet Tibet grew out of a young third-generation zainichi Korean’s personal discovery of the existence of Tibetan exiles while traveling in India. In 1997, having set out with video camera in hand on an unplanned world trip, he encounters large numbers of Tibetans in exile in northern India. The difficulties of these people driven from their country turn his thoughts to the hardships that his own grandparents experienced and, by extension, to notions of ethnicity and nation state. The following year, he visits Tibet (now officially the Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China) and witnesses the ethnic crisis for himself.

KANAMORI Taro a.k.a. KIM Seung-yong

Born 1968 in Shiga of Korean heritage (3rd generation Zainichi). Certified acupuncturist and osteopath. After his first trip to Europe in 1990, became fascinated with world travel. During his travels in 1997, came upon the Tibetan issue in northern India and began filming TIBET TIBET. He is now based in Okinawa and continues making films.