Mother of the Mother and Also the Mother of the Mother’s Mother, and Her Daughter

(“Hahanohahamo matasonohahamo sonomusumemo”)
Director: SETOGUCHI Miki

2005 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video 11 min

Art Design: HAGIWARA Shiho
Personal Footage: TSUCHIDA Eriko
  Contact Name: Image Forum
2-10-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
E-mail: info@imageforum.co.jp
URL: www.imageforum.co.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Grand Prize, Image Forum Festival 2005; Vancouver 2005; Yamagata IDFF 2005

[Synopsis] To come to terms with memories of a bed-ridden mother and of an isolated island where the filmmaker lived as a child with her grandmother, a curse gives life to dolls made from food. A modern-day Hariti (demon mother goddess) tale.


Born 1980 in Kagoshima, Setoguchi Miki graduated from the Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Visual and Performing Arts. Gut of Gut (2004) was invited to Image Forum Cinematheque’s “Young Perspective 2004” program.