(“Mokkosu genkina ai”)
Director: TERADA Yasunori

2005 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video 85 min

Music: Cho Paggie
Sound Editor: Tanabe Nobumichi
Narrator: Shin Sugok
Planning, Executive Producer: Umagaki Yasuyoshi
Producer: Kanki Ryosuke
  Contact Name: GENKI Love Production
Phone: 81-6-4860-0139
Fax: 81-6-4860-5851
E-mail: ryosuke@fmail.plala.or.jp
URI: 2942.jp

[Festivals and prizes] Yamagata IDFF 2005

[Synopsis] Severely physically-handicapped Kurata Tetsuya living in Kumamoto is unable to get married because his girlfriend’s mother strongly opposes the union. After much effort he obtains his driver’s license, and is determined to make the same effort to get permission to marry. The camera also exposes the characters of other unique residents such as a depressed pachinko addict who lives with Kurata.

TERADA Yasunori

In 1993 he directed the independently produced documentary My Wife Is Filipina, in which he recorded his own married life with a Filipina. He subsequently made his living as a director of TV programs, but has recently returned to his true interest—filmmaking.