The Counterattack of the Half Body

(“Hanshin hangi”)
Director: TAKEFUJI Kayo

2005 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video 110 min

Cinematography: TSUJI Tomohiko, TAKEFUJI Kayo
Music: MISHIBA Megumi
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[Synopsis] Here is an old man. A stroke has left his left half body disabled. He lives in a hospital under professional care. His wife has already passed away and he has no children. He was once a famous filmmaker—the chief director of the official documentary of the Tokyo Olympic Games and Japan Expo ’70. He wishes to write a book about the image culture. His name is Yamagishi Tatsuji. One day, the director KT visits him. She says she wants to make a documentary film about him. She goes out and shoots the places important to his personal history with a video camera and shows it to him. He watches the images with pleasure. Then she proposes an opening up of the imagination. She decides to make a fictional film featuring a young man, who is the substitute Tatsuji. In the film, the boy follows Tatsuji’s life, at the end of which he finds himself standing alone in the wind on a sand hill. Did he discover a real freedom, or is it just a fantasy? This is a film trying to document our lives, even if we aren’t sure what it means.


Born 1971 in Tokyo. Graduated from Image Forum Institute of Moving Image. After working for an advertising firm, begins teaching at a film school. Organizes the film group Powder Room. Has made many works on 8mm and 16mm film and video. Kotsuniku shikou (1997) won the Grand Prize at Image Forum Festival 1998.