(“Arbelaez umberto kieinu yoni”)
Director: SEKI Daisuke

2005 Japanese Subtitled in - Color Video 92 min

Production: EIZOYA IPPO
Music: KOIWA Yosuke
Cast: ARBELAEZ Humberto, KATO Maya, KUBO Tomomi, Sei Tatiana, SEKI Nobuko, TANIMOTO Hiroshi, TANIMOTO Rika, TANIMOTO Hinata, SEKI Hiroshi
  Contact Name: Pia Film Festival
Phone: 81-3-3265-1425
Fax: 81-3-3265-5659
E-mail: kumada@pff.jp
URL: www.pia.co.jp/pff/

[Festivals and prizes] Grand Prize, Pia Film Festival Award Competition

[Synopsis] This is a documentary that follows the life of a single person for six years, from 1998 to 2004. “I,” who spends his days without encountering anything new, meets a Columbian man while playing tennis at a park with a friend. His name is ARBELAEZ Humberto. Working as a steeplejack after coming to Japan as a migrant worker, Humberto has a girlfriend named Maya, but he is always afraid of his status as an illegal alien. As “I” and “my friend” get to know Humberto, who is friendly and earnest, they gradually find out about Columbia’s poverty, and the way family members help each other despite their difficult situation and live spiritually fulfilled lives. Eventually, Humberto marries Maya, but he must leave Japan for a year as a penalty to obtain a marriage visa. “My” camera continues to film at close range the Columbian earthquake that hits immediately after Humberto’s return home, the way in which his and Maya’s feelings begin to drift apart, his new love, and the problems regarding finding work in Japan.

SEKI Daisuke

34 years old. Freelance cinematographer. After graduating from university, worked at Kirokueigasha, a documentary production company, as a camera assistant and assistant director. Filmed the stage performance by theater company Hanagumi Shibai, and the behind-the-scenes documentary of I WILL FOLLOW YOU, which won the Runner-up Award in PFF 2002. Though this is his third film, he began work on it before any other of his completed films. The sequel of this film is still in production.